Read this before creating a thread.

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Read this before creating a thread. Empty Read this before creating a thread.

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--Animations that you post in the Pivot Free Space will NOT count against your rank.

Naming your thread.
Please name your thread reasonable. Make sure it follows the rules. Make it something that YOU like.
Bad examples:
Razz Smile Sad Very Happy (and so on)

You get the picture.

Thread format.
A good thread format is having:
A title. (Introduce your thread of animations, art, ect.)
A short description. (Sum your thread in a few words, put your own rules in your thread too!)
Posting your animations. (The way is up to you. They way I would do it, is put your Newest animation as a .gif for everyone to see. For the other ones, I would put em' as links and categorized seperatly.)
Credits. (Make sure you give credits to the people for inspiration, stick figures, ect. if needed!)

Please do NOT add disturbing colors, for some may be prone to seizures. Some is okay, but don't go overboard please.
Add a signature color! What color do you want people to see you as?

Pretty self-explanitory. The BBcode is a special way to customize your posts. Without it's just plain boring. The BBcode consists of:

Bold - makes your text become bold, increasing the size a little.
Italics - slants your text.
Underline - underlinds your text.
Scratch - scratches out your text.

Allign Left - Puts your text to the left of the post.
Allign Center - Puts your text to the center of the post.
Allign Right - Puts your text to the left of the post.
Justify - Justfies the text.

List - Adds a list into the post.
Ordered List - Adds an ordered list into the post.
Line Break - Breaks the line. A seperation line.

Quote: Quotes text that another user posted.
Code: Shows the actual code that we use to do BBcode. (Example at the bottom)
Table: Adds a table to the post.

Host an Image: Hosts an image.
Image: Inserts an image into the post.
URL: Adds a link to the post.
Flash: Inserts a flash image into the post.
Video: Adds a video into the post.

Size: Increases or decreases the text size.
Color: Adds colors to the text.
Font: Change the font of the text.

Others: Other options to affect your text.

Help: Need help? Click there.

Close Tags: Cancels all the BBcode tags.

Switch Editor Mode: Switches the editing mode.




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